Human life and freedom is the highest value.

     Life and freedom are almost inseparable concepts.  If they must be separated:

     Life must be first as a value.

     Freedom must be second as a value.

We do agree with the statement, "Give me liberty or give me death."

All normative humans agree with the above statements.  It is immaterial that you might find some person who does not agree that life has value.  No religion or creed teaches life is not of value--if they did they would quickly have no members. 

Freedom is also a shared human value.  You do find people, religions, and creeds that deny freedom to certain members of the group, but you don't ever find freedom self restricted at the top of such groups.  The leaders always reserve the highest level of freedom for themselves.  

Private property guarantees freedom and life. 

     Private property can be viewed as a value in itself--this is a reasonable approach.

     Private property is, however, the guarantor of all freedom.

Private property as a universal human value can be seen in children.  Children manifest almost from the womb the concept of my and mine.  Try taking a favorite stuffed animal from a child.  The restriction of the child's rights to ownership reduce the child's freedom.

The reason private property is the guarantor of all freedoms is that freedom of action is based exclusively on an individual being able to do what she or he pleases with his or her own property.  Property can be extended in every case to life because one aspect of private property is the human person itself.  For example a human should exclusively have the rights to her or his own body--responsible for it, responsible for its actions, and free to act as he or she desires as long as those actions don't harm others. 

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